All You Need to Know About Male Pattern Hair Loss

male hair loss

Male hair loss is hair loss associated with men and is sometimes seen in women, though less frequently. Hair also begins to fall out and shrink on the crown of the head. In stage 6 or 7 of male pattern baldness, only a fringe remains on the head’s sides and back. Sometimes, the condition can even progress to complete and permanent baldness. This loss situation usually comes when men get older, especially when they stepped on 40 years old and older. However, some men experience hair loss since teenagers because of some reasons. It could be medical issues or psychological health. For instance, men could encounter hair loss because of stress. It is painful and embarrassing sometimes. Therefore, men should discover the causes of their hair loss and get some treatment to reduce the losses. If you intend to do that, click here to investigate.

male hair pattern

Causes of Male Hair Loss

The leading cause of male hair loss is hormones called androgens, specifically DHT or dihydrotestosterone, a type of androgen. These hormones also have other essential functions in both sexes, such as regulating sex drive and hair maturation. While genetics play one of the most crucial roles in androgenetic alopecia, it has been found that lifestyle, in general, can exacerbate or accelerate the condition. An excellent diet of locally grown fruits and vegetables and regular exercise has dramatically reduced the onset or development of male pattern hair loss.

Treatments of Male Hair Loss hair loss treatment

Men worldwide continue to suffer from this unpleasant condition because many do not know the treatment options available to them or do not look for the perfect treatment when the situation begins to take effect. A much better discussion of treatment options and lively conversation with hair loss experts and dermatologists can help these young men quickly stop or even reverse their hair loss. There are still numerous widely available remedies that counteract DHT and do not allow it to weaken the pores. The main treatments available on the market are drugs like Finasteride or Propecia, Minoxidil, and the new second-generation anti-aging hair remedy Proxidil.

Side Effects of Male Hair Loss

As mentioned above, this hair loss condition will affect the physical condition and the psychological aspect. The material is very appealing for some people because other people can see it in their faces. However, for mental health, people cannot see in transparently. According to some surveys, some men who encounter hair loss are usually depressed. Sometimes, it is because their efforts did not give good results in the end. Regarding the issue, they need to consult experts or doctors to obtain the correct treatment as soon as possible. Therefore, they can avoid other severe conditions for themselves.